In the Kitchen With Bobby Deen and Weight Watchers

            When Bobby Deen launched his cookbook of healthy, southern comfort food recipes under 350 calories, it made him the perfect host for Weight Watchers’ “In the Kitchen” web series.   

            SeeFood Media worked with Bobby and Weight Watchers to create videos around some of Bobby’s favorite recipes, Mini Savannah Crab CakesSuccotashOld-Fashioned Meatloafand Southern Tomato Sandwiches.

            We worked with the Weight Watchers’ team on scripting to highlight tips and tricks for creating yummy foods without the major calories.  Tips like adding carrots to crab cakes, using low fat mayonnaise, and making crab cakes bite size instead of full size, so portions are smaller from the start.

            Our styling team created a southern home-inspired set for Bobby from our prop closet, with plenty of red and wood highlights.  The set was lit for a bright, sunny look (like Bobby’s personality) and the footage was shot with Canon C300 cameras and plenty of TLC! 

            Check out his videos at and see for yourself.